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Nostradamus is, without question, the most famous prognosticator of all time. But what if his prophecies had help? 


Benson Crow is a sci-fi writer who finds himself thrust into the middle of a prophecy that could mean the death of untold numbers of people. The First Face of Janus, a secret society dating back to the time of Nostradamus’ death, has made sure that the master’s predictions have come true for nearly 500 years. Crow comes into possession of strange quatrains that point to the next prophecy. He’s told the disaster will unfold within the week.


For as long as the First Face of Janus has existed, a covert religious sect, the Custos Verbi (Keeper of the Word), has tried to destroy them. Crow gets caught in the crossfire of a clandestine prophecy war and soon finds himself in so deep that his only option is to see it through to the very end. He races against time to stop the next prophecy and save innocent lives, but his actions could dramatically alter the future.


He follows the trail from Montreal, across France, and finally to Spain, in a desperate attempt to prevent another catastrophic prophecy from coming to fruition.


This suspense thriller is rich with intriguing history and exotic locations, intertwined with a mystery that will keep you guessing until the very last page.

Library of Congress Control Number: 2017909524

ISBN 978-0-9968752-3-3 (hardcover)
ISBN 978-0-9968752-2-6 (ebook)





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