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Nashville, TN -- Oxley Durchville Publishing announces the release of the novel Barbican: A Sterling McQueen Spy Story (978-0-9968752-5-7) by award-winning talk show host Phil Valentine. Valentine is an Amazon bestselling author.


Sterling McQueen is a different kind of spy. He lives off the grid and below the radar. No computer. No cell phone. No fancy gadgets. Nothing that would allow his enemies to track him. He lives by his wits and the tradecraft he learned from the greatest of a lost generation of spies. Instead of cyber hacks and geosynchronous satellite tracking, McQueen’s world is one of dead drops, concealment devices, and black bag jobs. In a world of Big Brother watching our every move Sterling McQueen is invisible.


He works for a super-secret intelligence agency, the Strategic Support Branch. The SSB relies primarily on the nearly lost art of human intelligence. They cultivate assets abroad to burrow deep down inside the organizations that pose the biggest threat to the United States of America. What was old is now new again, and Sterling McQueen’s special set of skills are once again in high demand. Super computers and stealth drones are no longer enough to keep the world safe. The world now needs Sterling McQueen.


Phil Valentine is an award-winning radio personality and an award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker. His recognitions include first place at the California Film Awards, the Nevada Film Festival, and the Colorado Film Festival. He's the recipient of the prestigious Gold Worldmedal from the New York Festivals and an amazing 20 AIR Awards in Philadelphia and Nashville.


Other awards include the American Movie Awards, the Beverly Hills Film Festival, the Finow Film Festival in Germany, the Oaxaca FilmFest Global Script Challenge in Mexico, and many others. He was named one of the 100 Most Important Talk Show Hosts of All Time by Talkers Magazine. He and his family live on their farm just outside Nashville, TN.


Barbican: A Sterling McQueen Spy Story is available in hardcover, ebook, and audiobook.



Barbican is here!

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