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  There is no more controversial subject than homosexuality. The primary argument has been over nature vs. nurture. Are homosexuals born that way? Dr. Clark Penrose has settled that argument with his discovery of the gay gene. Now the real controversy begins. Do parents have the right to prevent their child from being born gay?

  GALLANT (Gay And Lesbian Liberation And National Tolerance) is first out of the gate to file a lawsuit to stop Dr. Penrose. But they aren’t the only ones. The Christian Way Organization objects to the procedure on the basis that once genetic tampering is allowed, it will never stop. Parents will be able to order up a baby like buying a new car.

  The fact that Dr. Penrose has found the gay gene puts the founder of CWO, Lucius Gaylord, in a quandary. He’s been preaching for years that homosexuality is a sin. Can being gay really be a sin if one is born that way?

  Kurt Ford is an ambitious greenhorn attorney who’s been chosen by the firm’s senior partner to handle the Penrose case. Trouble is, Kurt Ford is gay. Does he choose to do his duty as an attorney and blindly represent his client, or does he have a bigger obligation to people of his own kind?

  It all plays out in a courtroom drama with twists and turns that continue even after the verdict is read. 





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